Returning Singer - TCGC

Welcome Back! 

We are so happy you decided to return to us! We've made some changes - all singers (returning and new) will need to re-register using the website. In order to offer you better service and followthrough, we've streamlined this process and connected it to your Membership Account.

Returning Singers for our 2018/2019 Season have two steps to complete registration!

Step 1: Login & Update Your Profile

Your profile is our direct connection to you for things like the mailing list, payments and receipts, as well as our roster information. This means it's super important that this information is correct! 

Before you get started please be sure you have logged in to your Member Profile. 

  • Ensure your Profile is Public to the Choir
  • Add a Profile Picture 
  • Update your email, phone number, and address

Step 2: Registration

Now that you have updated your profile, you are ready to fill out this season's registration!

  • Follow this link and complete the Registration Form.
  • NOTE: None of your answers to the Registration Form are visible to the public - all this information stays private to the Staff for use in planning logistics and reporting overall program statistics for grant funding. 

Step By Step

If you have questions with how to make these changes, follow the step by step instructions below. Feel free to reach out to us if you run into any trouble!


If you haven't logged in, be sure to do so. To check if you are logged scroll up and look in the top right corner:

Logged In:                                                                       Logged Out:



  • Click on your name to get to your profile settings which should look like this:


Our Rosters are a great way to get connected to other families whether to carpool, hang out socially, or celebrating things happening in their lives. The Carpool map and Family Roster is pulled from your profile information but protected behind the Membership Wall. 

Only those with a current TCGC Membership Profiles will be able to log in and see any information associated with your profile. If you have any questions about your privacy, please let us know!

  • Please check the top of your profile settings and ensure the box is UNchecked as in the photo below to allow your profile to be visible to others within the choir.


We have heard that having pictures on your profile helps when learning names and getting to know singers and families! Loading a profile picture is a great way to attach your photo to the Roster making you easier to recognize to singers. 

This photo will be attached to the Roster, and as such will only be visible to staff and current singers, meaning your picture and address isn't visible to the public.

  • Click on the button to upload a picture of your face!

  • Choose a photo of yourself from your computer as you would for an attachment in an email.
  • NOTE: Pictures can be no larger than 52KB


Public and Private profile information are treated separately, so be sure to save your Public Profile updates before continuing.

  • Clicking on the "Save Public Settings" button.


Current profile information is really important as this information is where you receive email communications, newsletters, and payment receipts. In addition, this information also helps us with grant applications!

  • Update your profile information to your current email, address and phone number in the appropriate fields:

  • Ensure that your address is complete - there are not separate fields in the address section. 


Public and Private profile information are treated separately, so be sure to save your Public Profile updates before continuing.

  • Clicking on the "Save Private Settings" button.