Current Members

We do plan on having rehearsal tonight. 

The roads are clearing up nicely with plows actively out and the sun helping to melt things off.

Of course, we leave it to your best judgment as to what's safe for your family, but we'll be here ready to sing at 6:30!

Registration Steps for New Singers

Complete both of the steps below if you've already attended open rehearsal.

  1. Fill out the singer registration form.
  2. Create an account for the TCGC website.

2017-2018 Registration Steps for Returning Singers

  1. Fill out the singer registration form.
  2. Verify that you can still log into the TCGC website. If not, try resetting your password. If that doesn't work, email us at

Once your registration and account have been reviewed by TCGC staff, your family will be granted access to all the information for Current Members. This may take a few days.