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Twin Cities Girls' Choir - Empowering Girls' Voices

Join Us At Be The Change!

A collaborative concert and workshop series with the award-winning duo Emma’s Revolution, dedicated to the empowerment of women’s voices and building common connections through song.

Be The Change

Be The Change features music to inspire our members and audience to take action in ways meaningful to their lives, and “be the change they wish to see in the world.” We will focus on points of connection, shared convictions, and hope for agreement among diverse communities. 


7:30 pm


*NOTE: Tickets for this concert must be purchased through the O'Shaugnessy. 
O'Shaughnessy Theatre
2004 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

Vocal Workshop 

What are the songs that inspire you to take action? That awakened you in a way you hadn’t considered? Share, discuss and sing together as we discover strategies for using music to fuel progressive movements. Learn to strengthen your voice as a tool for change and tap into the power of community, from award-winning activist musicians who have performed at thousands of justice events, concerts and demonstrations, writing songs sung around the world.
Get invested in song and join us for a workshop with Emma's Revolution before the performance on the 2nd! This workshop is not included in our Season Ticket packages. Seating is limited, so get your seats early for this special event.


2:00 pm


*NOTE: Tickets for the workshop must be purchased through us.
O'Shaughnessy Rehearsal Hall

2004 Randolph Ave, St Paul, MN 55105

What Our TCGC Parents are Saying

  • "We greatly appreciate the experience. Our daughter has grown, and improved her skills and confidence."
  • "Overall TCGC has been a wonderful experience for our girls."
  • "Our daughter has gained confidence and had a lot of fun. Our whole family enjoys seeing her in the variety of performances you've had."
  • "Love the opportunity for my daughter to sing and perform. She enjoys the friendships and the experiences."
  • "She's realized how much she's learned here once she got to high school and began singing in 9th grade choir. TCGC has given her confidence!"
  • "It has been great for my daughters to have a welcoming and supportive environment for them to sing in with other girls. My daughters have definitely grown in their musical ability over the years. They have developed a strong sense of community with the other singers."
  • "Our experience with TCGC has been wonderful. I have loved hearing my daughter sing the choir songs."


What Our TCGC Singers are Saying

  • '"[My favorite thing is] being able to sing and not have to win anything. Just be me."

  • "I love music and singing with other people. I am so happy to be in TCGC!"

  • "Can I stay in the girls' choir forever?"

  • "So much fun!"

  • "I like how nice and welcoming everyone is."

  • "This choir is awesome!"